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Tourism / leisure

Tourism started to develop in the 1950s. Improved means of transport led to the rapid expansion of an entire economic sector. The family car, train and plane became affordable from the 1970s, allowing an increasing number of tourists to visit other regions and other far-off countries, announcing the emergence of mass tourism. The growth of international tourism led to the development of local economies and to the creation of new sources of income in numerous countries. However, the term "overtourism" appeared in the media over the last few years and the sector will have to change to stop overcrowding numerous tourist sites.

Numerous documents are available in different languages so that holidaymakers can discover the culture and history of a region or sites of interest more easily since, although English can be used in most parts of the word, tourists prefer to read documents translated in their own language:

  • Brochures and tourist guides
  • Web sites
  • Texts for exhibitions
  • Information panels in historical sites

Leisure covers a wide range of subjects. We will restrict ourselves to sport and music. If you are organising sports and musical events, do not hesitate to contact me for the translation of your documents and media:

  • Documents for the organisation of events, concerts, festivals, contests and competitions

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