Understand, memorise and restore the meaning, without betraying the speaker!


Interpreting, the oral counterpart of translation, is a profession which requires intense concentration, precision, linguistic skills and technical expertise. "The art of juggling with words" also takes its full meaning in this profession. Interpreters work without a safety net, with no dictionaries, and must instantaneously understand, memorise and restore the message. While translators generally work on their own, interpreters are permanently in contact with people, at the centre of the action. They possess a broad range of qualities. In addition to accompaniment during tourist visits, I am specialised in a sector which matches my areas of speciality in translation: interpreting during technical training courses and meetings, company visits, etc.

From one mission to the next, on a highly regular basis for some companies, I have built up solid knowledge and perfect technical command in highly specialised fields:

Machining and machine tools: lathes and machining centres (conventional, laser and ultrasound), grinding machines
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • commissioning
  • handling (numerical control – Siemens, Heidenhain, Fanuc)
  • programming
  • tooling

Supervision of teams on worksite and safety at work in the electricity sector
  • risks related to electrical work
  • installation and removal of pylons on VHV site

To achieve and maintain my in-depth technical expertise, I also invest considerable and essential personal work by purchasing reviews and specialised books to further my knowledge of the systems, prepare myself for missions in unknown fields and constantly improve the quality and fluidity of my translations.

Since these missions are highly specialised, I work with the languages I speak perfectly: French – my mother tongue – and German.

In the machining sector, I also work in the English-French language combination.
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