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Of French mother tongue, my name is Noémie Ambroise-Launay. I have been a professional translator/interpreter since 1995, first as an employee in Germany then as a freelance in France since 1999.

After studying Applied Foreign Languages (English-German and English-Spanish) at university, I decided to spend a year in Germany to perfect my spoken German. The lifestyle of the German people, their way of living and working, enticed me to stay there. After 7 years in Germany, during which I was employed mainly as translator/interpreter/project manager and obtained my translator's diploma, I decided to return to Normandy, my native region, to create EURODIXIT.

I created my company nearly 25 years ago, and have experienced ups and downs during periods of growth and other health and economic crises. Yet, my desire to continue the adventure has never wavered and my passion from the profession is as strong as ever. I would like to extend my thanks to my customers who have selected my company for their translation projects and expressed their confidence in me over all these years.

While I work as a freelance, I am far from being on my own. EURODIXIT has worked for many years with a network of independent translators. We can therefore meet requirements in terms of specialities, proofreading (in compliance with standard EN 15038), language combinations and delivery deadlines (see the Translation heading).

For all translations (see the Specialities heading), I can guarantee expertise, excellent writing quality, rigour, respect of delivery leadtimes and, obviously, confidentiality.

I am also specialised in interpreting, the oral counterpart of translation. I propose my interpretation services in German-French-German for various missions (technical training courses, seminars, company visits, sales meetings). For more details, see the Interpretation heading.

In 2019-2020, I attended a training course and qualified as a technical writer. My advanced technical knowledge acquired during translation and interpreting projects as well as my taste for writing encouraged me to add this string to my bow, which seemed to be the perfect complement to technical translation. I therefore also propose my services to write and produce technical or specialised documents.

Finding a precise technical term sometimes involves considerable, time-consuming research. For several years now, I have been building up a glossary of more or less common technical terms which are not always found in technical dictionaries.

To find out more, please refer to the headings corresponding to your requirements. For any information or price request, leave a message via the Contact page.

Finding a precise technical term sometimes involves considerable research. I decided to provide you with a glossary (being written) containing common as well as less common technical terms, some of which are not always found in the technical dictionaries.
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