Read, understand and translate, without misinterpreting the meaning!


"The art of juggling with words", this slogan, which has been mine for over 20 years, came to my mind spontaneously since this is the very essence of translation.Translating consists in communicating a text into another language, whilst ensuring that it is not misinterpreted.

The translator acts as a kind of interface between two worlds, each with its own history, mentality, way of thinking, ideology, customs, etc. The translator's mission is not simply to convey a message from one language to another, but also to ensure that it is meaningful to the person for whom it is intended, by juggling with words until the right word is found. The translator acts as a guide through a culture, a speciality which may also provide explanations concerning features specific to a particular country.

The term of guide is in fact one of the first etymological meanings of translator (from the Latin traduitor = guide, 15th century). Translating would therefore be the art of transposing a message from one language to another whilst guiding the reader through the multitude of references in a culture, to make the message easier to understand and therefore avoid misinterpreting the meaning. It is obviously essential to have a perfect understanding of the source and target languages as well as of the respective cultures and countries.

So, allow me to be your guide. By entrusting me with your user manuals, data sheets and technical documents, press releases, company communication media, web sites, tourist brochures and specialised books, you will obtain a translation that is faithful to the original text and adapted to the target language. I perform all the terminology research required and respect your own terminology. For localisation and documents containing numerous repetitions, I work with CAT (computer aided translation) software, which ensures terminology and syntax consistency.

What about post-editing? What is it? Artificial intelligence is making progress and has led to improvements in automatic translation. However, the progress made is far from being able to replace a human translator. Post-editing consists in revising a text that has been pre-translated by an automatic translation engine, and is now an integral part of my work.

Over the years I have built up in-depth technical knowledge, especially in the following sectors:

  • machining techniques, machine tools and numerical control
  • medical devices
  • electronics
  • electrical safety
  • metrology,
  • telecommunications,
  • energy sectors (solar, wind, nuclear, building insulation),
  • automation
  • railway systems
  • sustainable development

I have the quality required - rigour, in-depth understanding of the subjects tackled, clear and fluid writing style - for the targeted readers.

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